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D.I.Y. Kits

Our very simple Do-it-Yourself Mr Heat Pump Cleaner DIY Cleaning Kit. It comes with easy to follow instructions designed for anyone to use. We supply you with everything that you will need to successfully clean your heat pump, so that it operates at its most efficient and you can enjoy a healthier home . All without the need for a Serviceman.  

A Mr Heat Pump Cleaner DIY Cleaning Kit has a unique way of thoroughly cleaning every part of your heat pump. The air is so fresh you only breathe healthy air.

And the best part, it is easy to use, safe and mess free. If you can clean your filters of your heat pump then you can service your heat pump with a Mr Heat Pump Cleaner DIY Cleaning Kit, its that easy. So discover how easily you can start to breathe healthy air again.

Full service of both indoor and outdoor units takes aprox 30-45 minutes

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